MicroMatic Foam on Beer Detectors

Foam on beer detectors (in-line profit maximizers) sense when your keg is empty and shut down the flow of beer in the line, so the line remains full of beer instead of filling with foam. Choose from one of our MicroMatic FOBs to reduce beer waste and increase beer profits at your bar, pub, restaurant, or brewery.

Plastic Profit Maximizer (FOB)
MicroMatic Plastic Profit Maximizer (FOB)Model: PRO-MAX-2


SAVE 25% - $34.75
Stainless Steel Profit Maximizer (FOB)
MicroMatic Stainless Steel Profit Maximizer (FOB)Model: PRO-MAX-1


SAVE 25% - $58.33
PRO-MAX-3 Plastic Profit Maximizer (FOB)
MicroMatic PRO-MAX-3 Plastic Profit Maximizer (FOB)Model: PRO-MAX-3


SAVE 25% - $34.75
Drain Bottle Kit
MicroMatic FOB Drain KitModel: PM3-DK


SAVE 25% - $16.75
Drain Bottle
MicroMatic FOB Drain Bottle and Mounting BracketModel: PRO-MAX-DB


SAVE 25% - $4.88
Drain Bottle Kit
MicroMatic FOB Drain KitModel: PM1-2-DK


SAVE 25% - $28.75
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MicroMatic has leveraged their 50+ years of experience in the brewing industry to develop a unique range of products for home brewers and draft beer enthusiasts. From keg couplers and beer faucets to kits and chemicals, MicroMatic has a wide range of products to ensure the integrity of your beer from fill to transport to dispense.


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