Product Spotlight: Saeco Incanto Sirius Super Automatic Espresso Maker

Saeco Incanto Sirius. If I did not know better, I would say these three worlds were a spell or incantation that when spoken together produce something otherworldly. Well, Harry Potter I may not be; however, it does not take a wizard or witch to realize that there is indeed something magical about Saeco's latest and most advanced espresso maker: the Incanto Sirius.

The newest super-automatic espresso maker from Saeco, the Incanto Sirius is the epitome of design savvy mixed with technological innovation. While it is normal to advise against judging a book by its cover, this espresso maker is truly the exception! The exterior of the Incanto Sirius is flawless and efficient while the interior is sheer mechanical brilliance! From the espresso maker's high quality stainless steel frame to its state-of-the-art LCD touch screen display, the Incanto Sirius is as beautiful and efficient on the outside as it is on the inside.

With one of the largest, sharpest and easiest to read LCD touch screens found on comparable super-automatic espresso makers, it is no wonder that the screen is what initially draws your attention and your focus to the Incanto Sirius. Sophisticated and easy to use, the LCD touch-screen contains 6 one-touch buttons whose functions are marked clearly on the display screen. The Incanto's touch screen is so easy to use that it pretty much eliminates any need for referencing the owner's manual. With the touch of a button, the screen tells you what to do in simply words and pretty pictures! Of the six total touch screen buttons, there are three on top of the screen and three on the bottom. When Incanto Sirius is ready to brew, simply press one of the three buttons on the top to determine the amount of water that will be added to your brew. The three buttons on the bottom offer more espresso customization capabilities in that they determine the strength of your brew. Pressing the bottom middle-button will determine whether your coffee will be light, regular, or strong.

The Saeco Incanto Sirius is truly the ideal super-automatic espresso maker as it allows total control over your brew. Not only can you influence the strength of you coffee through the touch screen, but also the Sirius is the only espresso maker of its kind to feature the newly created Saeco Brewing System which allows you to make an infinite variety of coffee using just one machine. The SBS is basically a knob on the front dispensing head that you turn to regulate the flow of the espresso. Turn the knob to the left and you will get strong, dark coffee. Turn the knob to the right and you will enjoy rich espresso with creamy crema on top!

The Saeco Incanto Sirius is happy to give you even more control over your final brew in the form of a 7 grind settings using a whisper quiet built-in ceramic burr grinder. The first super-automatic espresso maker to come with such an advanced built-in coffee grinder, the Sirius will provide you with a perfect dose of coffee, made just to your liking every time. Now that truly is magical!

Besides the Saeco Incanto Sirius' many coffee brewing options, this feature rich super-automatic espresso maker has one of the easiest frothing and steaming systems in the business! Again, all you really need to do to make a delicious and creamy cappuccino or a strong café Americano is to refer to the espresso makers' LCD screen touch buttons. The water/steam selection button is to the left of the Sirius' coffee strength button and is designated by a water droplet icon or a steam cloud icon depending on which method you wish to use. The espresso makers touch of a button steam, froth, or water capabilities are rapidly accessible thanks to its two stainless steel boilers which do not require you to wait for the espresso maker to heat up or cool down. Combine these features with Saeco's patented Pannarello wand and you will be frothing milk with ease whenever and however you like!

A rare treat in a super-automatic, the Sirius also possesses a newly designed removable brew group which can hold up to 12 grams of coffee per cup giving you a richer and stronger brew. Finally, there is the espresso maker's built-in Aqua Prima water filtration system which when activated through the Sirius' touch screen buttons, will remove impurities and particles in your water that can leave your espresso with unwanted flavors. The filter system is not only beneficial to your coffee's flavor, but also reduces the amount of calcium and lime scale that tends to build in stainless steel boilers. This feature will increase the longevity of the Saeco Incanto Sirius.

From its stunning exterior to its incredible efficient interior, the Saeco Incanto Sirius in one serious super-automatic espresso maker! Made from the highest quality materials both inside and out and with ease of use at the forefront of the manufacturer's minds, we have nothing but good things to say about this remarkable espresso machine that produces a truly delicious brew.


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