Stack! Co Keg Storage & Handling

Stack! Co offers a unique keg storage solution that is ideal because it maximizes your storage space, giving you more room for inventory and more floor space. Whether you're working with slim 5 gallon kegs or full size 15.5 gallon kegs, you can find keg stackers to more efficiently stockpile backup kegs, keg spacers that allow you to tap stacked kegs in your walk-in cooler or keg dollies that simplify keg transport.

5 Gallon Keg Spacer
Stack! Co 5 Gallon Keg SpacerModel: KEGSPACER


SAVE 40% - $33.35
5 Gallon Keg Stacker
Stack! Co 5 Gallon Keg StackerModel: STACKER


SAVE 40% - $19.17
15.5 Gallon Keg Spacer
Stack! Co 15.5 Gallon Keg SpacerModel: TKS


SAVE 40% - $23.97
Slim Keg Adapter
Stack! Co Slim Keg AdapterModel: 105


SAVE 40% - $16.00
Full Size Beer Keg Dolly
Stack! Co Full Size Beer Keg DollyModel: 106


SAVE 40% - $22.37
Slim Beer Keg Dolly
Stack! Co Slim Beer Keg DollyModel: 107


SAVE 40% - $21.87
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Stack! Co is a company that was born out of necessity. We pride ourselves in only providing products using high quality materials. We are beer enthusiasts and brewers who take our craft seriously.


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