April 23, 2021


Now, more than ever is time to start building a home bar! Turning your home into an exciting entertainment space only takes a few simple upgrades to your home. Before you know it, you'll be enjoying an ice-cold one without having to wait in any lines or dealing with the bar crowds. While everyone's home is different, here's what we think every great home bar should have, and before you start building out your home bar, here is an article on the aspects to consider before building a home bar.


Bar & Bar Storage

From bar carts to an actual home bar setup, you need a place to store various bottles and bar equipment. Also, if you're entertaining guests, you need a place to serve them. Bar furniture is a worthwhile investment when building a home bar because it creates a home base for all your bar equipment and beverages and it creates a great ambiance for your guests. You won't have to run around your house looking for everything you need because it all should be stored at your bar. Depending on your space, you can find compact foldable bar tops or you can consider a full-sized bar top.


Wine Refrigerator

You don't need to be a wine connoisseur to appreciate the value of a wine refrigerator. A wine refrigerator allows you to have ready to serve wine at its ideal temperature on hand. If you love hosting guests in your home, having wine ready to drink saves you the trouble of flash cooling a bottle and when you attempt to flash chill wine you risk changing the delicate flavors in the wine. Plus, having a dedicated wine refrigerator means they won't be taking up room in your fridge or pantry, which are also not the ideal places to store wine.

Precise temperature storage for wines is essential for preserving the flavors in your wines, whether you're storing them for persevering or for serving. Wine refrigerators come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs. Single zone wine refrigerators are great for those who need a simple storage solution for serving or preserving. If you'd like to separate your wines by reds and whites or serving wines and preserving wines, a dual zone wine refrigerator gives you that versatility. If you aren't a frequent wine drinker, you might want to consider a more compact refrigerator, like a 30 bottle wine refrigerator. If you are an avid wine collector, you can find 50 bottle to 300 bottle wine refrigerators with a variety of features to protect your wines.



A kegerator is one of the most versatile appliances you can own in your home! Beer is obviously the first choice for dispense because beer dispensed through a tap system is far superior to beer from a bottle or can. You can get that fresh brewery taste at home with a kegerator, which will really give you and your guests that bar experience. However, kegerators can be used to dispense more than just beer.

You can use your kegerator to dispense cold brew coffee, kombucha, sparkling water, teas, and even cocktails! With so much versatility, a kegerator is a must-have in a home bar. Serve your favorite beer in a single tap kegerator or up to two or three different beverages with a dual tap or triple tap kegerator! With a kegerator in your home bar you'll have so many options of beverages to choose from and you'll get the most out of your investment.

If you're worried about not having enough space, kegerators come in so many different sizes and styles to suit your space. If you're tight on space. We recommend a slim 15" inch wide kegerator, a mini countertop kegerator, or look into an undercounter kegerator. You can learn more about if your space is suitable for an undercounter kegerator in our article here. If you're a homebrewer or considering learning how to brew, a homebrew kegerator will not only save you time and space, it is the best way to enjoy your brew!


Beverage Center

If you have limited space in your home, a beverage center gives you the benefits of a wine refrigerator and additional beverage refrigeration space in one! One side offers a precise temperature controlled environment to protect and preserve your wines, while the other side has shelving for bottled and canned beverages. Beverage centers offer your guests the opportunity to pick out their own beverage without rummaging through your refrigerator. These units really bring your home bar to life by providing you a dedicated space for a wide variety of beverages. To save space, consider a built-in beverage center that can be installed under an existing countertop space to seamlessly incorporate it into your home bar.



Plastic red cups don't count. Glassware is essential for really enjoying your beverages and make a huge difference in your home bar experience. Glassware is designed to enhance the flavors, notes, and aromas of your beverages. They also affect how the beverage hits your palate as you're drinking it, again enhancing the taste. We think it's important to get a small set of the following glasses to cover all your bases:

  • Pint Glasses - Pint glasses aren't only great for beer but these versatile glasses can be used for cocktails and other beverages.
  • Growlers - Never waste the last drops of your keg by emptying it into a growler. You can store the remaining bits of your keg in a growler while you start a fresh keg for your guests. That way you'll always have fresh beer flowing.
  • Wine Glasses - Your wine glasses do matter so, get a few styles to suit your wine collection. The delicate flavors of your wines will be greatly enhanced when served in the right glass. We have a detailed article on the Anatomy of a Wine Glass here.
  • Champagne Glasses - If you're going to serve champagne, you need champagne flutes. They prevent the carbonation from escaping so quickly, which makes the drinking experience so enjoyable.
  • Rocks or Cocktail Glasses - These short glasses are versatile cocktail and spirit glasses. They often come in various sizes but we recommend getting slightly larger glasses, so you can serve cocktails in them, as well as spirits on the rocks.
  • Flight Glasses - If you love to entertain, flight glasses are a great way to offer a variety of options to your guests if you don't know what they'll like. They are a great way for you to share a variety of beverages with your guests and even offer a tasting party, pairing it with your foods.
  • Martini Glasses - While niche, this is a classic staple for every bar. If you're going to be enjoying your spirits straight up, a martini glass is the perfect vessel for enjoying them.

Ice Maker

There are only a few things that can really ruin a party and one of them is running out of ice! Always have ice on hand for your drinks without having to run back and forth to your kitchen when you have a dedicated ice maker for your home bar. With a variety of sizes, you can find an ice maker to suit your bar space.

Ice makers are designed to continuously create ice, so your party will never end! While powerful and extremely helpful, they also don't take up a lot of space. You can find small countertop ice makers to larger standing ice makers that will only take up minimal space in your home. Some of these ice makers can also be built into a countertop space, which will save you space and can be convenient if placed somewhere near a sink for mixing up cocktails.


Additional Equipment & Tools

The items above are the building blocks of your bar but there are also a few smaller items that you MUST have to complete your home bar set up. These items may be small but they will be some of your most-used bar tools.

  • Bottle Opener - Having one on hand and readily available for your guests is very important. Keeping one by your beverage center or even on the wall in your home bar is ideal for all your guests to have access to one.
  • Corkscrew - Also, an important tool for your home bar, corkscrews come in so many varieties. From battery-operated ones to simple manual bottle openers, having several readily available by your wine refrigerator will ensure you can open any corked bottle.
  • Cocktail Shaker - You can't have a complete bar without a cocktail shaker! From chilling spirits to mixing up cocktails, a cocktail shaker is very helpful and versatile. These come in different styles to suit your bar decor and bartending style.
  • Blender - There's nothing like enjoying a nice ice cold blended drink in the summertime and you can't do that without a blender. From blended margaritas to spiked milkshakes, a high-quality blender will make a huge difference.
  • Carafes - Not only great for aerating your wines, but carafes can also be used to store and serve juices, cocktails, sangria, and drink mixers. These elegant containers are a beautiful serving and storage vessel for a variety of beverages.
  • Speed Pour Caps - Rarely spoken about, these speed pour caps make it easy to pour a steady stream of your spirits. It allows you to quickly and precisely pour the right amount every time when you mix up a cocktail. These are an inexpensive tool that will make your home bar look much more professional and more enjoyable to use.

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