June 27, 2022


Summer is right around the corner and it's time to gather together and enjoy the longer days and warmer weather. Whether it's a special occasion or just a casual summer barbecue, planning for your party doesn't have to be a chore. We have a quick guide to help you prepare for enjoying the best few months of the year.

The Number One Rule


Keep your guests hydrated! From beer and wine to coffee and soda water, you need to offer a variety and beverages aplenty for a summer party. So, where do you ever get started? First, decide on the beverages you will be serving. Each beverage tastes best when properly served and you only want to serve the best to your guests. Luckily, it isn't hard to find the right equipment that is versatile and affordable!



There are so many ways you can serve beer but the best way to serve beer is through a kegerator or beer dispensing system. When you're throwing a party, chilling a ton of bottles and cans of beer is a pain and totally impractical! You can fill your refrigerator with cans and bottles but you'll have very little room for food. It sounds like your beverage needs are interfering with your party. Enter in the kegerator and beer dispensers, these units will allow you to serve high volumes of beer without taking up space in your refrigerator and minimal space in your home. Plus, no need to worry about cleaning up bottles and cans all over your home.

A kegerator is a draft beer system that uses carbon dioxide to dispense the beer, providing the carbonated mouthfeel, the freshest taste, and the most flavor. This is something you won't get from canned or bottled beer. Some beer varieties even require specific dispense equipment to ensure quality taste and consistency, like stout beers. They require a Stout Kegerator, which has a stout faucet to perfectly cascade the beer into the glass creating the perfect head and enhancing the flavors. They also dispense using nitrogen, which is the only way to enjoy a stout beer.

Kegerators can most commonly serve up to three beers or beverages simultaneously, it depends on the capacity of the cabinet and the number of faucets. Single faucet kegerators are ideal for most homeowners throwing a bash but if you're a beer-person dual and triple faucet kegerators are a fantastic option for serving multiple beers or beverages.

Depending on where you planning on throwing your party, you may want to consider an outdoor kegerator or jockey box. Both of which are designed to maintain crisp and cold temperatures despite the temperature outdoors. This ensures your beer will always be served at the right temperature and prevents your beer from being dispensed overly foamy. Outdoor kegerators are designed to be much more durable and insulated to stand resilient against outdoor environments that indoor kegerators will not be able to handle. A jockey box is great for throwing a party outdoors at your home or anywhere else. It is a portable beer dispenser that is designed to give you that draft beer taste on-the-go. Learn more about jockey boxes in our guide here.

Another affordable option for achieving a draft beer dispense is a kegerator conversion kit. This allows you to upcycle an old refrigerator or cooler, or customize your own kegerator by building it yourself. While this may seem like it will be difficult, conversion kits are all-inclusive kits with detailed installation instructions, which means anyone can do it!

Finally, if you're a craft beer connoisseur, you can head to your local favorite brewery and pick up a keg of your favorite beer for your kegerator, or alternatively, pick up some beer growlers and get them filled up with your favorite beers.



Serving wine requires more than just a corkscrew. The temperature of your wines is of the utmost importance because the right temperature means the flavors will be enhanced, instead of dampened or diminished from improper temperatures. We can't stress enough how important storing your wines in a wine refrigerator is. A wine refrigerator is designed specifically to maintain consistent temperatures, humidity, light, and movement. Other than a custom-built wine cellar, a wine refrigerator is the only storage solution that can maintain all the essential aspects of preserving wine.

Wines are delicate beverages that can easily be damaged during preservation when temperatures fluctuate. In a standard home refrigerator, there can be huge fluctuations in temperature that can damage wines. Plus, if you're throwing a party, you don't want to be filling up your refrigerator with bottles of wine and champagne. Having a dedicated storage space allows you to have more room for food while, providing easy access to your wines. With the latest in temperature control technology, called Tru-Vino, this technology ensures total protection and temperature consistency during wine storage. You can learn more about Allavino Tru-Vino refrigerators here.

Wine refrigerators come in many varieties to suit every collection and need. For those who need an a wine refrigerator to store wines of the same variety or wines that can be store at the same temperature, a single zone wine refrigerator is ideal. Those who are wine connoisseurs may want to consider a dual zone or multizone wine refrigerator. These refrigerators have multiple independently controlled temperature zones, allowing you to sort and store your wines by varieties, by for serving and for preserving, or by red and white wines.



Whether you're throwing a brunch party or you just need more fuel for your party, serving coffee properly is part of a host's duties. Our favorite for serving small parties is the Kegco 17" Wide Illy-Bag-In-A-Box Cold Brew Coffee Single Tap Black Mini Kegerator. This mini kegerator easily fits on the countertop in anyone's home and it serves the smoothest gourmet cold brew coffee. Simply connect the Illy-Bag-In-A-Box Cold Brew Coffee to your kegerator and dispense! You can have cold brew coffee ready to drink, all day and all night!

If you are a true coffee fiend, you may want to consider a full-sized javarator. This coffee dispenser will allow you to dispense a much larger volume of coffee and doesn't have to be only used for parties but for your everyday consumption too. Fill it up with your homemade cold brew or pick up a keg from your local craft coffee brewers and connect it to your javarator. The coffee dispenser will not only perfectly dispense your coffee but it will also preserve the quality of your coffee for longer.

Soda & Soda Water


You can't have a party without some soda! Whether you're offering a variety as a mixer for cocktails or you just need an ideal dispense method for your sodas, you can dispense it all with the Kegco 17" Wide Carbonated Water Single Tap Black Commercial/Residential Mini Kegerator. This versatile dispenser allows you to deliver the freshest carbonated beverages to your guests while remaining compact enough to sit on a countertop. This affordable beverage dispenser is easy to assemble, compact, and versatile. When you're throwing a big bash, you won't have to worry about flat beverages when you have a dispenser that delivers it on-demand, cold, and delicious!

Your Party People


Whether you're throwing a summer party or you just need to upgrade your home bar, our team at Beverage Factory can help you set up your home for any occasion. With over two decades of experience, our team has developed beverage solutions for commercial and residential settings. Our team is here to help you choose the right products for you and answer every question you may have. Contact our team at 800-710-9939.


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