February 26, 2021


We get SO MANY questions about whether or not a kegerator is something worth investing in and while we love kegerators, we understand that a big investment requires a lot of thought. It's not for everyone but if you're reading this, you may be reconsidering this thought. We wanted to discuss the reasons why you may want one in your home and it's not only because you'll be the coolest person amongst your friends...although that is a bonus!


You're spending way more money than you'd like on bottled or can beer.

We have been asked countless times, is it worth it? The short answer is yes! We go through a full economical breakdown of a kegerator versus buying bottles and cans in our blog post here. You really do save money in the long run when you get a kegerator and the bonus is the beer tastes so much better! You're getting your money's worth in the brewery experience you get from a kegerator.


You're spending too much money at the bar.

Drinking at home is always cheaper but you can't get the bar experience without beer on tap. Getting your favorite beers on tap at home saves you so much money that you'd waste at a bar. Think about it, typically you end up paying about $7.00 for a pint of beer, depending on the type of beer. Don't forget about tax, tipping your bartender, the cost of gas, the cost of parking. Yep, one night can really add up, nevermind wanting to have more than one drink!

A kegerator can give you that bar experience at home with great tasting beer on tap. The best part is you don't have to drive anywhere, you don't have to find parking, wait in lines, or deal with the crowds! You can enjoy draft beer in the comfort of your own home with the game or your favorite show on. This is the ultimate home upgrade!


You love beverages.

It may seem like an obvious and generic reason but what we mean by this is kegerators aren't just for beer! You can dispense almost any beverage from a kegerator system! Kegerators are versatile beverage dispensers that can dispense cold brew, kombucha, tea, soda, carbonated water, or even cocktails.

So many people get hung up on kegerators dispensing beer but they're actually so versatile! If you find yourself accumulating too many bottles and cans or spending so much money on these beverages weekly, owning a kegerator can save you a ton of money. A kegged beverage not only contains a ton of product for the price, but it is also well-preserved in the keg allowing the beverage to last for longer.


You love to entertain.

If you love hosting parties and having company over, a kegerator is a great way to entertain. With Dual or Triple Faucet Kegerators, you can serve multiple beverages simultaneously to your guests. Kegerators allow you to provide a near-endless flow of drinks to your guests and it is a great for self-serving, minimizing your hosting duties.

No more packing your fridge so full of cans and bottles that you don't even have space for food. Your beverages can be self-contained and perfectly chilled in a kegerator while your fridge is packed with appetizers and snacks for your guests. Also, you don't have to deal with the recycling and clean up of bottles and cans after your parties!


You love to homebrew.

When you put so much work into your brews, you want to enjoy it the best way possible and there's no better way to enjoy any homebrew than with a kegerator. A kegerator will preserve your homebrew for long-term consumption and deliver you the best flavor. When using premium dispense parts, like all stainless steel contact, will give you the truest, cleanest, and freshest flavor to your brews. From cold brew coffee to craft beer, you can't go wrong with a homebrew kegerator for delivering the fullest flavor.


You're trying to watch your environmental impact.

Do you hate the earth? Of course you don't! You don't have to actively be trying to reduce your environmental footprint to appreciate that kegerators are good for the environment. Keep in mind that when we recycle bottles and cans only a percentage of these gets reused and cycles back into our products! Since kegs are designed to be reusable, there is little to no waste! A full-sized keg holds approximately 140 twelve ounce beer bottles! Owning kegerator means you don't have to buy, store, or recycle 140 bottles. The best part is you don't even have to try to help the environment, just drinking from a kegerator helps!


You appreciate the best tasting beverages.

Let's be realistic, everything on tap tastes so much better! With a kegerator, you'll get your beverage served at the perfect temperature, at its peak quality, and perfectly carbonated. There's really nothing quite like the taste of draft beverages and with a kegerator, you don't need to head to your local bar or restaurant to enjoy it. Sometimes the best things come in lager packages and we think kegerators prove this! Check out our top 10 kegerators here.


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