December 13, 2019

Top Taps the 10 best kegerators beverage factory

Did you know, about 43% of Americans consider beer their drink of choice? That's almost half of the population and it's no surprise, beer comes in a wide variety of styles and it's an affordable alcoholic beverage option. But, 43% is not enough! We need to make it 100%!

We think if people were drinking more draft beer, this percentage would increase. Beer on draft is the best way to enjoy a beer and we're here to talk about our favorite draft beer dispensers. After all, we are the beverage industry experts, we're located in California (which is the state with the most breweries in the United States), and our break room is literally filled with kegerators.

The point is, we've tried a lot of kegerators and we know what we like. Well, we like anything that dispenses beer but we also know, not all beer dispensers are alike. We've also sold a lot of kegerators and we've received a lot of feedback from customers. With our combined knowledge, we present our Top 10 Kegerators.

1. Most Popular Kegerator

The Kegco 24" Wide Dual Tap Black Kegerator is a best-seller among beer enthusiasts and industry professionals for its high-quality all stainless steel contact parts and versatile cabinet design, which can hold up to a full-sized keg. This double tap kegerator is popular for its ability to serve a variety of beverages simultaneously.

This freestanding kegerator includes fan-forced cooling, an air-cooled tower, and a wide 32-75 degree temperature range for superior cooling and precise temperature control. You can get ice cold beer with this kegerator that goes down to 32 degrees. Additionally, it will preserve the freshness of your keg. Kegco also offers lifetime technical support on all their units.

2. The Homeowner's Favorite

The Kegco 24" Wide Dual Tap Stainless Steel Digital Kegerator has the highest reviews among homeowners who were looking to integrate a draft beer system or replace one that previously died on them. This kegerator includes an easy to use digital display, which a great feature that customers have spoken very highly of.

This kegerator includes a large cabinet that can hold up to a full sized keg and offers room for many keg configurations. It even includes two adjustable wire shelves, if you would like to use the cabinet as a refrigerator.

This kegerator has a temperature range between 32°F-75°F and it even has a deep chill function, which allows you to rapidly chill a keg. This freestanding kegerator is an amazing addition to any home bar or kitchen.

3. The Best Luxury Kegerator

For those who enjoy the finer things in life, the Perlick 24" Wide Dual Tap All Stainless Steel Right Hinge Kegerator is a luxuriously designed kegerator with a stainless steel exterior. While it is one of the pricier kegerators on the market, it offers a sleek and polished design that can be seamlessly built into a countertop or used freestanding.

The front vented, forced cooling, and a variable speed compressor keeps your keg cool but remains quiet. This kegerator is designed for commercial use, which means it contains premium parts and has a temperature range from 33 to 39 degrees F, ensuring only the coldest beverages.

This kegerator can hold one 1/4 barrel keg or two 1/6 barrel kegs and it can dispense two different beverages simultaneously.

4. The Most Unique Design

If you're looking for something special, the Summit 24" Wide Single Tap Glass Door Commercial ADA Kegerator has a glass door that allows you to show off your keg! We recommend getting a custom wrap on your keg with your own logo or design or you can admire your shiny kegs.

This versatile kegerator design allows you to use the unit freestanding or built in and it is ADA compliant. The double-paned tempered glass is a sturdy and unique aesthetic design. The one-piece interior lining looks and hidden evaporator for a polished interior look and it is easy to clean.

The bracket in the cabinet allows you to easily mount the CO2 tank behind the kegs, maintaining that clean aesthetic. The cabinet can hold up to two sixth barrel kegs, ideal for serving up craft beer or homebrew batches.

5. The Best Compact Kegerator

Bigger isn't always better. For those looking for a compact kegerator, the Kegco Single Tap 15" Wide Built In Undercounter Kegerator has a sleek and slim design. This single tap kegerator is designed to fit into 15" wide undercounter locations, which is ideal for small home bars or kitchens.

This design is superior to a mini kegerator because it allows you to use a variety of beer kegs and keg sizes, instead of being limited to only mini kegs. The interior of this cabinet includes led lights and can hold up to 7.75 gallon quarter slim keg.

The digital temperature display allows you to easily adjust the temperature range, which is between 32°F-75° degrees Fahrenheit, cold enough to serve and warm enough to ferment your brews. This design is also more energy-efficient than others on the market, saving you money monthly.

6. Best Outdoor Kegerator

If you love drinking beer and the great outdoors, this is the unit for you! The Kegco 24" Wide Dual Tap All Stainless Steel Outdoor Built-In Right Hinge Kegerator with Kit is designed for outdoor use. With a tarnish-resistant stainless steel cabinet, this kegerator is made to withstand the elements and outdoor temperatures.

At 3200 BTUs, this kegerator has a commercial-grade compressor that is the most powerful in its class and the widest temperature range on the market, between 23-59 degrees Fahrenheit. This means the kegerator can perfectly serve wine and beer! Customers tout this model as one of the best for maintaining a constant cold temperature despite extreme temperatures.

This full-size kegerator can hold up to a full-sized keg and can also be converted into a fridge with the included shelves. This unit is easy to assemble and Kegco offers lifetime technical support on all their units.

7. Best Homebrew Kegerator

Designed to suit the needs of a homebrewer, the Kegco 24" Wide Homebrew Dual Tap Stainless Steel Commercial/Residential Kegerator can reach 75 degrees, high enough for fermenting to 32 degrees Fahrenheit low enough to serve. Homebrewers are loving this kegerator model for its wide temperature range and consistent temperature maintenance when set.

The large and roomy cabinet interior can hold a large carboy for fermenting and up to one full-size keg, or one of the following configurations - one pony, one-quarter slim keg, two 5 gallon commercial kegs, three ball lock kegs, or two pin lock kegs. With two taps, you can serve two beverages at the same time.

This kegerator is energy efficient and can even be converted into a refrigerator by using the included shelves. This kegerator is the only way to enjoy all the hard work and time that goes into brewing something special.

8. Best Commercial Kegerator

This powerhouse kegerator is beloved among professionals and serious beer connoisseurs, the Kegco 49" Wide Dual Tap Black Commercial Kegerator is has a powerful cooling system and is made of heavy-duty steel. This large dual tap commercially-rated kegerator can hold up to two full-sized kegs and a variety of other configurations.

Renowned for its cooling technology, this kegerator maintains temperature with minimal fluctuations, keeping your beer chilled and fresh. This kegerator can be used freestanding or built in for seamless integration into a bar, restaurant, home bar or kitchen. This commercial kegerator uses ozone-friendly refrigerant and is 25% more energy-efficient than equivalent models.

This kegerator is ideal for those looking for a high capacity dispenser and professional level dispensing power. With all stainless steel contact parts and lifetime technical support, professionals and beer enthusiasts are turning to this kegerator to meet their needs. This kegerator has customers coming back for more and other models from the Kegco brand.

9. Best Built-In Kegerator

If you're looking to seamlessly integrate your kegerator into your kitchen or home bar, the Marvel 24" Wide Dual Tap Stainless Steel Kegerator with Kit is powerful undercounter kegerator, capable of reaching a temperature range of 33° to 52°F. This ensures your kegs will stay cold and ready to serve at any time.

Additionally, this kegerator can easily be used as a refrigerator for other beverages by installing the included shelves. With enough space to store up to a full sized keg or a variety of bottled and canned beverages, this is the ultimate kegerator for a homeowner looking to entertain.

This unit includes a handpicked premium direct draw kit with all stainless steel contact parts and a commercial grade regulator. This kit includes everything you need to tap you kegs and enjoy your cold and crisp beverages. With a dual tap draft tower, serving multiple beverages at the same time is possible, making entertaining even easier. It is a beautiful upgrade to any home.

10. Most Versatile Kegerator

This heavy-duty commercial kegerator is touted among professionals and beer enthusiasts for its powerful cooling system and its high quality parts. The Beverage-Air 24" Wide Single Tap Black Commercial Kegerator has a wear-resistant black vinyl on steel exterior that looks clean and professional, while protecting its contents.

The cooling system continually pushes cold air through the tower to deliver the perfect cold pour every time.The cabinet is constructed of galvanized steel, preventing tarnishing over time and the magnetic gasket provides a strong door seal, maintaining a consistently cold temperature. Designed to operate between 36°F and 38°F, this kegerator is renowned for its ability to rapidly cool kegs and deliver cold beverages.

This freestanding unit can hold up to a full sized keg and is easy to load. The digital temperature display is easy to use and adjust temperatures as needed. Customers from industry professionals to at-home hobbyists spark highly of the engineering and construction of this unit. The high quality parts keeps customers coming back and again to this brand.


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