January 08, 2019

1. Open Cola

Open cola is an open source modifiable recipe for Cola. Originally released in 2001, it is now at version 1.1.3. Create your own knock off's at home and enjoy them straight from the tap!

2. Skeeter Pee

Skeeter Pee is "essentially a lemon wine" that is inexpensive, keggable, and perfect for warmer weather. Additional fruits can be used in the process such as raspberries, crabapple, & peach.

3. Ginger Beer

This non-alcoholic beverage has a delicious and unique flavor. Used in popular drinks such as the moscow mule, ginger beer has become more popular in recent years and will quickly become a household favorite.

4. Wine

Tired of drinking beer from the tap? Switch it up and fill up your keg with some wine, but don't forget your cheese and crackers!

5. Cocktails

Take care of the entire party by making and kegging a large scale cocktail, we suggest a moscow mule from Spoon University

6. Cold Brew Coffee

Don't miss out on cold brew coffee in the morning even when you're late to work. Cold brew on tap is becoming a fixture of the modern workplace. Check out nitro dispense kits here.

7. Kombucha

With claims of health benefits supporting the rise of this crispy beverage, the only thing stronger than Kombucha's reputation is it's distinct flavor. Throw this pro-biotic on tap and see what your friends think!

8. Sparkling Water

The possibilities are really endless here, from frozen juice concentrates to other organic ingredients, mix and discover your favorite homemade sparkling water.

9. Champagne

Champagne on tap, blasphemy? or a dream come true? Why don't you decide.


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