November 08, 2021


Who says you can't enjoy a crisp and refreshing beer in the wintertime? You don't need to enjoy only hot beverages and as you get to know beer, you will realize it is a flexible beverage that can be enjoyed year-round! Seasonal beer styles are the way to go when transitioning from fall to winter. While the flavors may be a little similar there are some distinct wintery flavors that will carry you into the festive season.


Keep Your Beers Fresh and Crisp

It may be winter but your beers still need to be served at the peak of freshness and delivered to your glass crisp and delicious. Bottles and cans just don't cut it when it comes to the quality and flavor. While they are packaged at the peak of freshness, they don't deliver that fresh from the tap taste that enhances all the flavors in your beers.

The only true way to enjoy your beers is straight from the tap and you can get that at home! A kegerator is the only way to enjoy beer because it gives you the freshest taste, perfect mouthfeel, and enhances all the flavors in your beer. Plus, it saves you money per pint! You can learn more about how a kegerator saves you money in our article.

Kegerators come in a variety of styles that allows you to customize your home-brewery experience. You can opt for a freestanding kegerator that allows you the versatility of moving it anywhere in your home or a built-in kegerator that allows you to seamlessly integrate the kegerator into your home. Or, perhaps you love being outside, an outdoor kegerator will allow you to enjoy your beer and the outdoor atmosphere. If you need help selecting a kegerator we have an article showcasing our top ten here. Whichever design you choose, we guarantee you'll enjoy your beers so much more when you're dispensing it from the tap.

The beauty of a kegerator is that it maintains your beer's freshness and flavor until the last drop! The carbon dioxide dispense system delivers a delicious foamy head and just the right amount of carbonation. It's such an easy system to use and maintain. The taste, alone, makes it a worthwhile investment. Learn more about how a kegerator works here.

Once you have your kegerator, you can contact your favorite breweries and get your favorite beers delivered to your home ready to dispense! Trust us, beer will never taste the same once you regularly enjoy it from a kegerator.


Winter Wonder-Brews

These seasonal winter brews will give your hot cocoa and mulled wines a run for their money! Beers can be festive and are a great way to ring in the new season. We're going to discuss some delicious brews to cozy up to and their best food pairings.

Scotch Ale

Slip into an overwhelmingly malty, rich, and sweet malt ale. Known for its caramel characteristics and subtle smokey peat note, this beer is as cozy as a cup of cocoa but much more refreshing! This beer is not too bitter and pairs best with a celebratory classic, a charcuterie board. It will also pair well with gamey meats, spicy foods, and creamy desserts. Also, if you want to enhance the caramel flavors of this beer, you can pair it with caramel sweets and festive fruits, like pears and apples.


There's no wine in this Barleywine. As misleading as the name may seem, this strong ale is known for its high alcohol content and its name derives from the complexity of flavors. This beer has a rich mouthfeel and bittersweet taste. American-style barleywines are heavily hopped with a more bitter flavor but English-style ones are well balanced between malt and hops. The malty bittersweet beer is great with a charcuterie board with salty cured meats and creamy cheeses.

Russian Imperial Stout

This top-fermenting ale contains a high alcohol content and low levels of carbonation. This beer has the aromas of milk chocolate and sweet caramel notes. This stout has a distinctly dry finish and you will often detect flavors of roasted coffee, baker's chocolate, dark fruits, and malt. These beers have little to no hop character and it pairs wonderfully with oysters, chocolate, and soft cheeses.

Baltic Porter

This strong and robust porter gets its name from when Europeans began crafting this beer for shipment across the North Sea to the Baltic regions. This beer will give you all the winter warming feels with its notes of complex deep malty sweetness composed of caramel, nuts, licorice, toffee, and molasses. It is often full bodied and a bit smokey, which pairs excellently with barbecued meats, stews, and semi-hard cheeses.


The German bock is an ever-popular autumn beer and the doppelbock, which essentially means double bock, is the perfect beer to transition to in winter. With even more malt and a fuller body, this rich, sweet, and malty beer is easy to enjoy. This beer is known for its hints of chocolate, dark fruits & light toast. These are all warm and cozy notes that are perfect for winter. This is a very full bodied beer with a smooth mouthfeel. The hop flavor is mild and contains minimal bitterness. It pairs well with red meat, pork, and sharp cheeses.

Barrel Aged Beer

This unique category of beer where beer is aged in barrels, as you would with a wine, to impart unique flavors. These specialty beers often have strong flavors that are complemented by notes of hickory, oak, or applewood. You can also find the use of whiskey barrels or brandy barrels to add a boozy flavor and hints of caramel, vanilla, and bourbon. The smokey, woody, and warm flavors in these beers will keep you feeling warm all winter long. Food pairings span a wide variety depending on the beer but we recommend smoked foods, oysters, steak, rich chocolate cake, or sharp cheese.

Winter Warmer

The name says it all! It's designed for winter and these spiced beers will keep you feeling warm and cozy. These top-fermenting ales offer plenty of malty, sweet flavors alongside a balanced hop character. Many of these beers are brewed with classic warming spices, which makes them so unique and ideal for winter. Many English strong ales and spiced Wassail beers fall under this category and they go great with holiday classics like poultry, baked goods, and fruit.


Keep The Beer Flowing and Warm Up Your Winter

Whether you're hosting this holiday or just enjoying your beer in peace, we have you covered when it comes to dispensing equipment. Beverage Factory has a wide range of top kegerator brands to keep your beer cold and you warm this winter! Enjoy your winter brews properly this year and ask our team of experts about finding the perfect beer dispenser for you. Contact us at 800-710-9939 and prepare to enjoy your winter warmers!


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