January 02, 2019

Brewing day is one of the best things about this industry, practicing your craft and providing delicious beverages to friends and loved ones. We've put together 6 reasons why kegging your beer can improve your brew day.

1. Time

Brew day can be very enjoyable, however, the process can range in time from a couple of hours to ALL DAY. Kegging your batch instead of bottling it can greatly reduce the time spent on the final steps, and it's scientifically proven that if you finish your batch sooner, you'll be drinking delicious beer sooner too!

2. Sanitization

Rinsing out a single keg, soaking in some PBW and storing only takes ~10 minutes. In comparison to washing and drying 60x 12oz bottles, we're almost sure you'll opt for kegging.

3. Carbonation

Using a keg and regulator to handle the carbonation process is more consistent and MUCH quicker to produce results than bottling, shortening the length of time for drinkable beer from a few weeks to a few days or even hours. Kegging also gives you the ability to adjust carbonation levels and test with minimal sampling.

4. Additions

Kegging makes it possible for more advanced brewing techniques including dry hopping & secondary additions. Simply open the lid, toss in your additions and remove when desired.

5. Shelf-Life

Beer on tap under co2 will generally last a long time, and with external variables minimized (such as sunlight and outside temperature), your beer should remain healthy for 4-8 weeks. Sampling from a keg is much easier than opening an entire bottle of beer and allows for a better gauge at the life cycle of your beer.

6. Fermentation

Kegs can also be used for secondary fermentation, immediately doubling their utility. Although not directly intended for this use, it's a great option for long-term secondaries: simply siphon your beer into a keg, add a little co2 to help seal the lid, plug in your airlock and stow. Kegging is a highly efficient way of storing and enjoying your homebrew beer, so let's make 2019 the year we start treating and appreciating our beer properly.


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