August 24, 2021


This underrated appliance really doesn't get enough love but it should be a part of everyones' home! A beverage center is versatile, efficient, and innovative. From a home bar to a dive bar, this versatile refrigerator allows you to store a wide variety of beverages without compromising space. A beverage center isn't your average mini fridge, it will upgrade your home or bar into an elevated entertainment space.


What is a Beverage Center?

It is a versatile refrigerator designed specifically for storing a variety of beverages. Beverage centers come in all shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Designed specifically to store beverages, sometimes specific beverages, a beverage center has specially designed shelving and cooling technology to maintain the quality of your beverages.


Why Do You Need a Beverage Center?

Unlike a refrigerator, a beverage center has every aspect designed to cater to beverage storage. The shelves are designed to be the ideal dimensions for fitting a particular amount of bottles and cans, this ensures that they are stored upright and properly. It also allows you to maximize the space within the refrigerator by easily fitting the beverages side-by-side and it allows you to easily access all the beverages.

A beverage center saves you space in your refrigerator, which would normally be dedicated to drinks. While you could use a mini fridge, they are not as efficient for storage and you will not be able to maximize the space within the refrigerator. Also, many mini refrigerators don't allow you to precisely select your temperature. A beverage center allows you to set the precise temperature you need for your beverages, which is crucial when it comes to storing beverages like wine or craft beer.


How to Choose a Beverage Center

When it comes to investing in the right beverage center for you, you need to consider a few factors to simplify your decision. Beverage centers come in so many different varieties and you can find one customized to your needs. Frome exterior aesthetics to function features, here is everything you should consider when choosing a beverage center.

Determine the types of beverages you want to store

The beverages you want to store will determine the type of beverage center you'll need. Since a beverage center is designed with shelving and cooling technology catered to your beverages, planning what you're going to be storing inside them is important. For example, if you plan on storing wine and bottled beer, you need to ensure you beverage center can accommodate those bottles.

Determine how much you want to store

Maybe you just need a few brews for your game room or maybe you love to entertain, consider how many beverages you want on hand and choose a beverage center accordingly. These refrigeration units can vary from storing a couple cans and bottles to storing wine and a variety of beverages. If you like variety, you may want to look into a unit that is versatile and has flexible shelving for many different beverages.

Temperature Range

Temperature range makes a difference when it comes to storing your beverages because their ideal serving temperatures vary. Many beverage centers designed for different beverages will have multiple independent temperature zones, which allows you to store your beverages at their ideal temperatures. Wines tend to be the most delicate and finicky, which is why selecting a beverage center with a good temperature range is important.

Full Access Shelving

Another benefit of a beverage refrigerator are the fully accessible shelves. These shelves often pull all th way out and allow you to access the full refrigerator of beverages. Your guests won't need to dig through the back of the fridge and pull out all the beverages to access the one they want.

Quiet Operation

Beverage centers are engineered with many operation considerations including, quiet operation. Nothing ruins the ambiance in a home or bar atmosphere than a loud running refrigerator. When you're selecting a beverage center be sure it is known for it's quiet operation yet efficient cooling system.

Freestanding or Built-In

Your beverage center doesn't have to take up space in your home. You can find versatile units that can be used freestanding or built into your kitchen cabinetry or home bar. Your unit can be installed seamlessly into existing unused space to transform it into a functional and luxurious home upgrade.


Complement your cabinetry when you build-in a panel-ready beverage center. A perfectly disguised beverage center as a part of your kitchen cabinetry will surprise and delight your guests when they ask for a drink.

UV Filtering Glass Door

Those with a glass door will include a very important protective feature, UV filtering glass. This ensures that your beverages won't heat up when exposed to sunlight but also prevents delicate beverages, like wines from degradation.

Single Zone vs. Multi-Zone

Single zone beverage centers are ideal for storing very similar beverages, like beers and sodas because of their similar ideal serving temperatures. However, when you store a wider variety of beverages, you will want multiple temperature zones to to protect your collection and offer a variety to your guests.


Our Favorite Beverage Centers

We believe that there is a beverage center for everyone, whether you just need a little extra space for beverages at home or you need a full home bar set up. We've seen them all and our favorites are bestsellers for a good reason.


Allavino 15" Wide FlexCount II Tru-Vino Stainless Steel Right Hinge Beverage Center

This beverage center has a slim and compact design that can suit a small space and also stores up to 28 standard beer bottles and 64 12-oz. beverage cans. With a compact, versatile, and built-in capable design, this beverage center is suitable for a home bar or small restaurant. With a digital temperature display, you can easily control and adjust the temperature for your storage needs. The stylish glass door design lets you see exactly what is inside while protecting the beverages from damaging UV rays. This bottle and canned beverage center deliver the best in organization and storage with an elegant design that beautifully displays its contents. This refrigerator also includes Allavinos exclusive Tru-Vino technology that delivers precise temperatures with no fluctuations. Plus. this mighty unit has a quiet operation that is ideal for home or elegant space.


Uline 3000 Series 24" Beverage Center - Integrated Solid Door

This elegant panel-overlay beverage center allows you to beautifully incorporate this refrigerator into your kitchen or home bar decor. This unit contains exclusive U-Select Control technology, which allows you the ability to choose settings that correspond to the types of foods and beverages you store. The U-Select1/2 Control is programmed with five distinct modes for refrigeration. Each mode has an optimal set point within a designated temperature range that can also be adjusted for personal preference. The tempered glass shelves have seven adjustment positions and full-extension wine racks, allowing you the ultimate versatility in your storage and easy access to beverages.


Allavino 24" Wide FlexCount II Tru-Vino 18 Bottle/66 Cans Dual Zone Stainless Steel Wine Refrigerator/Beverage Center

Wine, beer, sodas, and so much more can be packed into this luxurious french door beverage center. With two independently controlled temperature zones, you can preserve and serve wines, while maintaining the crisp cool temperature of your other beverages. This beverage center can store up to 18 wine bottles and cans, or 48 cans and 21 beer-sized bottles. This is one of the most versatile beverage units on the market.

With Tru-Vino Technology, your wines will be well-preserved, as the technology prevents wild temperature fluctuations within the unit. The wine side of the unit is completely independent from the other side of the beverage center, preventing any temperature interference from the other side. The FlexCount shelving for the wines cradles the bottles and allows you to fit a wide variety of bottle shapes and sizes within the refrigerator. They also glide smoothly, preventing vibration damage and allows you full access to the bottles.

This flexible beverage center can be used freestanding or built-In. This unit is designed to fit more but remains a low profile. Digital displays and controls make it so easy to use. This is the ideal beverage center for those who love to entertain because you can fit a wide variety of beverages in one unit.


Kegco 24" Wide Tru-Vino Undercounter Craft Large Format Beer Bottle Bomber Refrigerator

This beverage center is one-of-a-kind! It's ideal for the true beer enthusiasts because it is dedicated to preserving and sebring craft beer! Craft beer can be as delicate as wine and you certainly want to serve it at its ideal temperature because it makes such a huge difference in the taste. This unique beverage center is designed to fit craft beer bottles of a variety of shapes and sizes. You can even use it to store your own homebrewed beer.

Built with Tru-Vino technology, this beverage center is designed for preservation. With minimal temperature fluctuations, your beers are protected from premature degradation. Your craft beers will remain fresh and delicious until you are ready to enjoy them. With a wide temperature range of 39 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit, you can select your ideal temperature. The unique shelving design allows you to store everything from longnecks to bombers, or tallboy cans and large format 750 mL bottles with ease.

Looking to age your beers? No problem, just set the temperature higher. If they're all ready tot serve, set it to an ideal serving temperature. The strong metal shelves are thick and strong. The shelves don't sag over time and extend completely to allow you access to bottles in the back easily. With a security lock, you can ensure your collection is safe and not being tampered with. You won't find a beverage center like this anywhere else!


Danby Silhouette Reserve 24" Wide Built-in All-Refrigerator

This luxurious beverage center has an invisi-touch display that looks modern and sleek. This digital display allows you to easily adjust your temperature and is hidden into the beautiful front frame of the unit. This unit also has a unique Temperature-Guided Ring that changes to the hue of the temperature of your favorite beverages. This beverage center has a temperature range of 33 to 44 degrees Fahrenheit.

The interior has a special shelving design that contains a curved platform that cradles up to 12 cans or bottles and ensures bottles won't roll or slide. This shelving style makes it easy to stack multiple bottles or cans on top of one another. Additionally included, are two full-depth tempered glass shelves and one half depth shelf allowing for the storage of large cartons, bottles, or open bottles of wine.

This versatile unit can be used freestanding or built-in. It also comes with a self-closing door so you won't have to worry about your drinks accidentally getting warm. Plus, Bold Parametric Lighting fully illuminates the interior to display your contents.


Perlick 24" Outdoor Signature Series Beverage Center - Stainless Glass Door - Right Hinge

Your beverage center doesn't have to be exclusively for inside your home or restaurant. This beautiful and sturdy stainless steel refrigerator is designed to withstand the rigorous conditions of the outdoors. Enjoy your favorite beverages on the patio and soak in some beautiful weather with an outdoor beverage center.

Fully extendable shelves will allow you easy access to all beverages and make it easy to restock. These shelves are easily adjustable and glide smoothly, minimizing movement and preventing potential damage to beverages. The wide temperature range, from 33 to 48 degrees Fahrenheit, allows you to store virtually any beverage in this unit, keeping them cool for consumption.

Designed to look seamless when built-in, the unit comes with fully integrated depth and zero-clearance hinging to allow a flush fit with the surrounding cabinetry. The UV coated glass protects your beverages from sunlight while displaying them beautifully, The 1,000 BTU Variable Speed Compressor forced-air refrigeration system is the pinnacle of outdoor refrigerator cooling systems.


Elevate Your Beverage Game

Take your beverage game to the next level with a beverage center. Trust us, serving and enjoying beverages will never be the same again once you start doing it properly. A beverage center is more than just a refrigerator, it elevates your beverage experience. From wines and beers to sodas and juices, a beverage center will store, chill, and preserve it all! With so many styles to choose from, you will certainly find a unit that is customized to your needs. Our product experts at Beverage Factory can answer all your questions and offer the best solution for you. Give us a call at 800-710-9939.


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