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Why Does The Temperature In My Wine Refrigerator Fluctuate?

April 01, 2020

Do you notice a change in the temperature of your wine refrigerator? Don't worry this is common with almost all refrigerators and we're here to explain why. We have been selling wine refrigerators for over two decades so, we could say with confidence that we know what we're talking about. This common temperature change should not be alarming but when it comes to preserving wines, you may want to deeply consider the cooling technology in your refrigerator because even small fluctuations can affect your wine preservation.

This is why we're so excited about the Allavino Tru-Vino range! This range has a special compressor technology that ensures close to zero temperature fluctuations! This is a revolutionary technology for the wine industry and we go into depth on this technology here.


Air Temperature vs. Liquid Temperature

The thermostat in your wine refrigerator measures the air inside the cabinet of your refrigerator. This air temperature changes regularly because the standard cooling system in a refrigerator turns on and off periodically, causing the temperature to drop and increase again. Liquid temperatures remain much more stable and will not fluctuate while in the refrigerator.


Why does my wine refrigerator not stay at the set temperature?

Like we mentioned previously, the standard compressor cooling system in a wine refrigerator turns on and off periodically, causing the fluctuation in the temperature that your thermostat is reading. As the temperature of the air in the cabinet surpasses the set temperature on the display, the cooling system will turn off. Then, when the temperature drops several degrees below the set temperature, the cooling system will turn back on again. This accounts for the change you see in your thermostat temperature.

Again, this is not a reflection of the temperature of the liquid in your wine bottles. However, big fluctuations in temperature can be damaging to aging wines, which is why we recommend choosing a wine refrigerator with a high-quality cooling system that limits the fluctuation of your cabinet temperature, like the Allavino Tru-Vino Series Wine Refrigerators. Instead of completely turning on and off, the cooling system slowly delivers less cool air when it reaches the set temperature and more cold air as the temperature begins to drop. This leaves a very minimal range of fluctuation, protecting your wines.

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Should I still be storing my wine in a wine refrigerator?

YES! There is no better means to store your wine collection than in a dedicated and specially designed unit for that purpose. Wine refrigerators, unlike standard home refrigerators, are designed to protecting and preserving wine. They maintain the mild temperatures throughout, ensuring the wines do not prematurely go bad. They also maintain the optimal humidity for storing and preserving wine, which is a highly underrated aspect of wine preservation. This ensures your corks do not dry out and exposing your wine to oxygen and causing your wine's quality and flavor to deteriorate. Again, we can't emphasize this enough but selecting a wine refrigerator with a high-quality cooling system is essential. If you need help selecting a wine refrigerator, feel free to call our product experts at 800-710-9939