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Vin Table Homebrewing Stoppers

Silicone is highly stable, making for a long lasting Bung. With a temperature range of -100 to 400 F and a Shore A Durometer hardness of 40, you don't have to worry about cracking, chafing, mold or mildew. Certified as compliant with FDA Industry Standard 21CFR11, VIN TABLE's Bungs and Stoppers are safe and designed for easy sterilization. Say NO to water air locks and say YES to Fermenting/Ventilating Bungs and Stoppers!

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VIN TABLE LLC is a manufacturer, and wholesaler of bungs and stoppers. Originally founded in 1986, they began as an exclusive importer of Grape Vine VIN TABLE China. Today, VIN TABLE is best known for its original Silicone Wine Bottle Stoppers used to recork open wine bottles. Their bungs are created from FDA approved - food grade silicone, designed for safety and easy sterilization. VIN TABLE's patented bungs are made in the USA.