June 09, 2022


Does Dad love beer more than you? If you ever questioned it, you may want to consider being his favorite child by picking him up something that says "Thanks for putting up with me". Yes, Father's Day is coming up and you should show your appreciation with gifts that will help Dad kick back and relax. Share a cold one with Dad this Father's Day and give him the gift he'll cherish, almost as much as you.

For the Dad who loves "Dad Jokes"....

Love is Ale You Need Growler Set

Is your Dad the King of Bad Jokes? Oh, wait, we mean, Dad Jokes. Well, we have some punny beer growlers to tickle his punny bone. They also hold beer and keep it extra cold (that's the important part). Made of double-walled insulated stainless steel, these growlers will keep beer crisp, cold, and carbonated for hours (if it will last that long)!

Shop: "In My Hoppy Place" 32oz Black Stainless Steel Growler & Pint Glass Set

For the new Dad or for the Dad with a newborn...

Beer Lover's Ultimate Kegerator Kit

Know someone who's a new Dad or has a newborn, trust us, he's going to need this! This father just made room in his life for another human, so he might not have room in his home for a big kegerator. Well, this slim and sleek kegerator will fit into his home and life perfectly! This kegerator is fully equipped with premium parts to ensure the perfect pour of all 5 gallons of beer from a keg that will fit in its powerful insulated cabinet.

Shop: Kegco 15" Wide Single Tap Stainless Steel Built-In Right Hinge Kegerator

For the Dad who's proud of his Dad Bod...

Homebrewer Kegerator Kit

He loves his beer baby and he's not afraid to show it! Well, we support him and if you want to support his body positivity too, you should give him this! With a cabinet big enough to satisfy his Dad bod, this full-size kegerator can hold up to a full-sized keg. The dual faucet can endlessly dispense two different beers simultaneously and continuously. The deep chill function allows him to get that beer in that Dad bod, as soon as possible. He'll have no problem maintaining that beautiful body with this kegerator at his side.

Shop: Kegco 24" Wide Dual Tap Black Digital Kegerator

For the Dad whose thrill is the grill...

Dual Faucet Jockey Box

This dad loves spending summer days outdoors firing up the grill and enjoying a cold one... Really, who doesn't love doing this? Give this Dad the perfect companion to his outdoor grill, the ultimate outdoor kegerator! Designed to maintain cold temperatures even on the hottest days, this large kegerator comes complete with a premium stainless steel contact dispense kit! GIve him everything he needs to enjoy the great outdoors this summer.

Shop: Kegco 24" Wide Dual Tap All Stainless Steel Outdoor Built-In Right Hinge Kegerator with Kit

For the Dad who loves all his children "equally"...

Conversion Kit

The homebrewer dad could never choose between his children and he doesn't have to! Give him the kegerator that allows him to show off all his babies. This homebrew kegerator includes digital temperature control with a wide range, which allows your dad to keep his babies comfortable during fermentation to dispense. This triple faucet kegerator allows him to dispense up to three different beers simultaneously!

Shop: Kegco 24" Wide Homebrew Triple Tap Black Digital Kegerator

For the Dad who loves to tailgate...


If Sunday football is a sacred day for your dad, you need to grab him a premium jockey box! This portable beer dispenser can be used in his mancave or used outdoors next to the grill! The innovative engineering of the jockey box, maintains ice-cold temperatures for his beer, regardless of the temperatures outside! The versatile design allows you to bring it just about anywhere!

Shop: Jockey Boxes

For the Dad who loves to DIY and fix things up...


This is for that dad who find the most satisfying beer is enjoyed after finishing a big project. He'll love making his very own custom kegerator with a conversion kit. Each kit is designed with everything required to construct a high quality and functioning beer dispenser. With all stainless steel contact parts, this kit will last a lifetime. For the dad who doesn't need the professionals to do it for him, this is a dream gift! He'll enjoy his beer even more when he's dispensing it through his hand-crafted kegerator.

Shop: Conversion Kits

For the Dad that needs a mancave upgrade...


If your dad loves his alone time watching the game in his mancave, give him the greatest gift of solitude, a beverage center. Dad will never have to get out of his recliner when he has everything he need right next to him! A beverage center will allow him to store everything from beer to wine, sodas, or water - all in one refrigerator! With precise temperature control technology, Dad can relax while his beverages stay perfectly chilled and are ready to enjoy!

Shop: Beverage Centers

For the refined Father...


Does dad have refined tastes? Is dad a wine guy? We've got you covered! From the casual wine drinker to the wine connoisseur, we have a huge selection of wine refrigerators from single zones to multi-zone to contain any wine collection. With the latest in wine storage technology, like Allavino's Tru-Vino, dad will be more than happy to store his wines in his new wine refrigerator, knowing his babies are safe and sound.

Shop: Wine Refrigerators

For the retired Dad...


Does dad have too much time on his hands? Give him a new hobby and a new baby to care for with a Homebrewing Kit! These homebrewing kits include all the equipment he needs get started with his new hobby with ease. Beer tastes so much better when you make it yourself and we know dad will agree after he gets to experiment with a fully-loaded brew kit! This is a project he'll continue to enjoy for years.

Shop: Home Brew Kits

For the picky Dad...


If you're not sure what your dad could possibly want or when he says you don't have to get him anything, there's always a gift card! With a Beverage Factory gift card, he can buy everything he needs for his dream home bar. From kegerators to wine refrigerators, there are hundreds of options to choose from! Plus, our team of experts will be there to help him pick the right products to suit his need.

Shop: Gift Cards

The Gifting Experts

At Beverage Factory, we consider ourselves the gifting experts for any occasion! With over two decades of experience selling the best beverage equipment to professionals and beverage connoisseurs, we have the answers to virtually every question and advice for the perfect gift for anyone. Let our team help you get set up for success. Simply contact us at 800-710-9939.


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