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Top 5 Beers You Need To Serve This St. Patrick's Day

March 10, 2020

The biggest beer holiday is right around the corner and we know you want to celebrate it to the fullest with the most festive and delicious beers! We don't mean green beer, we mean quality, fresh, and perfectly poured draft beer. Grab your green gear and get ready for St. Paddy's Day with us!


Getting the perfect pour

In order to get the perfect pour, you have to have the right equipment. You could fill your fridge full of bottles and cans but you're just not going to get the very best tasting beer. If you want to get the best taste, the perfect pour, and save space in the fridge, get a kegerator!

We have a list of our Top 10 Favorite Kegerators and a guide to Kegerator Types with Pros vs. Cons. However, we're going to briefly cover how to choose a kegerator for your celebration. We've chosen 5 beers to share with you today and recommend serving at least two of these beers to give your party guests some delicious options.


So little time, so many beers

Our favorite Dual Tap Kegerators with large cabinets that can hold at least two 5-gallon kegs are the Kegco K Series Kegerators, shop them HERE.

The Kegco K Series Kegerators are the premium kegerators of choice among professionals and the beer community, which is why we're always selling out of their units! We love that they only include the best all stainless steel contact parts and a commercial regulator. We've tested many kegerators but these ones just last and they always deliver consistently great tasting beer until the very last drop!

If you're looking for a high-quality Guinness dispense system, the Kegco 20" Wide Guinness® Single Tap Kegerators will perfectly pour the rich and creamy stout perfectly.

We also offer a variety of upgrade options for these kegerators to make your beer experience the best it can be!


How much beer do I need?

Now, let's talk about our favorite part, the beer! When it comes to celebrating St. Paddy's Day, you need to be prepared and equipped to serve A LOT of beer. There's nothing that puts a damper on a St. Patrick's Day party like running out of beer so, to prepare you, we have this quick guide to getting the right amount of beer for your party. Don't forget to adjust accordingly to your guests' drinking habits and don't forget to drink responsibly!

For more information on Keg Sizes, head to our guide HERE.


How to tap a keg in a kegerator

  • 1. Place your keg in the kegerator and allow to settle and reach serving temperature. We recommend chilling your keg at least 24 hours before serving but depending on the size of your keg, it may more or less time.

  • 2. Get the right coupler for the beer you're serving, most domestic beers use a D System Coupler but in this case, you most likely will be serving imported beer, you may need an S System Coupler or another style. See our Coupler Compatibility Chart to choose the right one for your beer.

  • 3. Open your CO2 tank and set to the appropriate serving temperature, starting at 10 psi and adjust as necessary to balance the keg.

  • 4. Make sure the regulator is pressurized before tapping the keg or you will cause beer to flow back into your air lines.

  • 5. Remove the dust cover off of your keg and twist the coupler clockwise into the keg until it's snug.

  • 6. If you're using a level handle couple, you will need to pull the handle out before pushing down or lifting up.

  • 7. Once the keg is tapped, you will notice a little beer go into the line but it won't fill until you open the faucet.

  • 8. Your keg is tapped. Pour and enjoy your beer!

Watch this video for a detailed tutorial on tapping a keg:


Festive beers to make you cheers

There's no need to make beers "festive" for St. Paddy's Day by dumping green food coloring into your brew! The Irish have plenty of delicious beer styles for you to enjoy on that day, so grab your kegerator, a glass, and get drinking!

  • 1. Irish Stout - Probably the most iconic beer the Irish have is their rich stouts. The most famous of these is Guinness but you can also find many other labels and local breweries that will provide you with the excellent rich brew. These beers tend to be dry, lack malty sweetness, and hops flavors. They often have strong coffee, toffee, or chocolate notes. They are often served using nitrogen for a rich, creamy, thicker mouthfeel.

  • 2. Irish Lager - This crisp and clean beer comes in a variety of styles from pale or golden to red in color. Lagers are often a lighter beer and easy to drink. They tend to have a higher sugar content with notes of citrus and fruit.

  • 3. Irish Red Ale - This beer obviously has an iconic red hue. It has light hop bitterness with a subtle sweetness and a hint of malt. They tend to have caramel, toasty, or toffee notes with a light buttery character. This is a crowd-pleasing, easy to drink, unique Irish beer for celebrating.

  • 4. Irish Cream Ale - Cream ales are growing in popularity among brewers and they are popular to serve for celebrations because they're so easy to drink and enjoyable. These beers are light, crisp, but with a creamy mouthfeel. These beers are lightly bitter and refreshing.

  • 5. Irish Porter - Dark, rich, and creamy. These beers have strong chocolaty notes because they're often made with chocolate malts. They also have a distinct hoppy flavor, a coffee-like note, and a thick mouthfeel.