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Top 5 Energy-Saving Appliances That Will Save You Money


When it comes to investing in appliances, energy-efficient appliances will save you the most money and are a worthwhile investment. Additionally, They help out the environment too, by limiting your carbon footprint on the world! This may seem like a small contribution but every little bit counts. Plus, who doesn't love a kegerator that dispenses beer and saves you money?

We have our top 5 favorite beverage appliances that have saved thousands of our customers annually and they've helped improve the world around us one day at a time!


1. Best Energy-Saving Kegerator

The Kegco 24" Wide Dual Tap Black Commercial/Residential Digital Kegerator only costs $20 a year to operate! That's $.05 a day for a full-sized kegerator!

This dual tap kegerator is a best seller for its spacious cabinet, which can hold two or three 5 gallon kegs or up to a full-sized keg. You can dispense up to two beer or beverages simultaneously, which will not only save you more money than going to the bar but it saves our planet by using minimal energy!

Equipped with an energy-efficient and powerful cooling system, this kegerator gets very cold all the way down to 32 degrees but its wide temperature range goes up to 75 degrees, making it possible to homebrew and ferment your beverages. The fan-forced cooling system allows the keg to be quickly and evenly chilled, ensuring every pour is crisp and cold.


2. Best Outdoor Energy Efficient Kegerator Design

The Kegco 24" Wide Dual Tap All Stainless Steel Outdoor Built-In Right Hinge Kegerator with Kit only costs $29 to operate all year long! While it is a slightly higher cost than an indoor kegerator, but this kegerator has a more powerful cooling system that allows it to operate efficiently in extreme temperatures. It's still only $.07 per day to operate, which is still incredibly energy efficient!

This dual tap kegerator has a durable metal cabinet with a stainless steel finish, which prevents the kegerator from tarnishing even when exposed to outdoor conditions. The large cabinet is easy to load and can hold up to a full-sized keg. This kegerator can be seamlessly built-in a countertop or used freestanding.

Engineered with a powerful cooling system that maintains the coldest temperature of 23 degrees, this kegerator utilizes the most powerful compressor in its class, at 3200 BTUs! Despite being the most powerful, it still maintains low yearly operational costs, delivering you big savings and minimizing the impact we have on our environment.


3. Best Energy-Saving Compact Wine Refrigerator

The Allavino 15" Wide FlexCount II Tru-Vino 30 Bottle Single Zone Black Wine Refrigerator is a slim and compact 30 bottle wine refrigerator that is perfect for any home. Its low profile design allows it to fit into smaller spaces while holding bottles of various shapes and sizes. The operation cost for this refrigerator is only $34 a year, coming out to roughly only $.09 a day!

This wine refrigerator is engineered with the latest compressor technology, which ensures consistent temperatures and energy-efficiency. Unlike traditional wine refrigerators, which has a compressor that turns on and off periodically, this wine refrigerator adjusts for temperature changes immediately by introducing more or less cool air to maintain a consistent temperature. This also means that there is a significantly reduced energy that is drawn to maintain the refrigerator's temperature.

In addition to the compressor technology, this wine refrigerator is designed to maintain optimal humidity levels. Which when attempting to achieve in a home cellar, can cost you hundreds of dollars a month in energy costs. This drain on energy is also bad for the environment, which is why we always recommend finding a high-quality wine refrigerator.


4. Best Energy-Saving Large Capacity Wine Refrigerator

The Allavino 24" Wide FlexCount II Tru-Vino 172 Bottle Dual Zone Black Right Hinge Wine Refrigerator proves that just because it's big doesn't mean it can't be energy-efficient. With such a large capacity, many fear that it isn't as energy-saving but that's far from the case because its annual energy costs are only $67 and it can hold up to 172 bottles! That's only $.18 a day, which is extremely low for the large structure of this wine refrigerator.

Like the other units in the Allavino Tru-Vino Series, this wine refrigerator is designed with the newest and most innovative compressor technology. It ensures consistent temperatures and energy-efficiency through delivering small adjustments of more or less cool air as the cabinet's temperature starts to change. This is in contrast to older technology, which turns on and off periodically, causing more energy to be drawn throughout the day.

Instead of a wine cellar built into your home, which can have energy costs of upward to thousands of dollars, these wine refrigerators have a consistent energy cost and they are low maintenance. This can save you thousands of dollars if you have a large collection. Additionally, wine refrigerators provide all the essential environmental conditions to preserve wine that a wine cellar would for so much less.


5. Best Energy-Efficient Beverage Center

The Allavino 24" Wide FlexCount Series 18 Bottle/66 Cans Dual Zone Stainless Steel Wine Refrigerator/Beverage Center not only provides storage for a variety of beverages, including wine, beer, and sodas, it is also extremely energy efficient! With the annual cost at only $37, this beverage center is one of the most efficient on the market. The daily cost of storing 18 bottles and 66 cans is only $.10 a day!

This beverage center is so convenient with two independently controlled temperature zones that allow you to serve beverages at their perfect serving temperature. This beverage center includes flexible shelving allowing for storage of a variety of can and bottle shapes and sizes.

This beverage center is a powerful unit with a low energy draw, it includes a wide temperature range and a powerful cooling system designed for built-in units. Ensuring the most consistent temperatures on the market, this dual-zone refrigerator is perfect for those who want to serve a wide variety of beverages but don't want the energy costs of a standard refrigerator appliance.

When it comes to saving money, trust us, we're the experts on it! From commercial refrigerators to compact units for the home, we have a huge range of energy-efficient appliances that will save you money. For a personal recommendation, contact our product experts 800-710-9939.