December 02, 2019

We're not just people who "appreciate" wine, we are people who obsess, scrutinize, and relish in everything wine-related. Our intensity and passion for wine has led us in the search for only the best wine coolers and refrigerators in order to preserve, protect, and care for our beloved wines. After all, they're not only a passion of ours, they are an investment, and if you're reading this, you probably agree.

At Beverage Factory, we have some of the top wine industry professionals shopping with us and they always have a lot to say about preserving wine, and since we're so passionate about delivering you the very best, we've created this compilation of the best wine coolers and fridges to make your shopping experience easier.

The wine coolers featured below are all compressor cooling refrigerators because they are a more powerful cooling system than thermoelectric wine coolers. They can reach lower temperatures more effectively and since they're cooling systems are so effective, the units tend to hold more bottles.

Most Popular Wine Refrigerator

Allavino 24" Wide Vite Series 99 Bottle Dual Zone Stainless Steel Right Hinge Wine Refrigerator

This model is the most purchased and highest rated wine cooler model from the Allavino brand. The wine fridge can hold up to 99 bottles thanks to gliding adjustable shelves, which can be moved to accommodate various bottle sizes and shapes. This is extremely important for those who enjoy a variety of wines and may have bottles with unusual shapes or sizes.

This dual zone wine refrigerator allows you to have two independent temperature zones, making it ideal for storing or cellaring your red and white wines. The upper zone temperature range is between 41-54°F and the lower zone adjustable between 54-73°F, allowing you to customize the perfect temperature for your needs.

One of the most raved about features from customers is that this wine unit very quiet! One of the most irritating things about owning a wine cooler is that they can be noisy and in a home or sophisticated space, this can be very disturbing.

This freestanding wine cellar has a beautiful modern design with a stainless steel finished door, black cabinet, curved and towel bar handles, blue LED lighting, and a door lock. This wine refrigerator is the perfect starting unit for any wine enthusiast or wine professional.

Most Luxurious Design

Danby 24" Wide 129 Bottle Dual Zone Stainless Steel Built-In Wine Refrigerator

Popular for its sleek, sophisticated, and luxurious black cabinet and stainless steel finished door. This Danby wine refrigerator is well-loved among customers and wine connoisseurs for adding a sophisticated touch to any space. The clean white LED lighting helps brightly illuminate and display your wine collection.

With high quality extending metal shelves, this wine cooler can steadily hold an array of bottles. These sliding shelves glide out without catching and without causing vibrations that may disturb the preservation of your wine. The interior lining of the cabinet is designed to place minimum strain on the shelves despite holding many bottles.

This dual zone wine cooler has two independently controlled temperature settings and the temperature range can be set between 39 and 64 F degrees. This allows for maximum versatility in the ability to store and preserve your white and red wines. The dual zone temperature control allows you to preserve both whites and reds in the same unit, saving space for those with a wine collection with a wide variety.

Best Large Single Zone Wine Refrigerator

24" Wide FlexCount Series 177 Bottle Single Zone Black Right Hinge Wine Refrigerator

Designed to perfectly preserve and protect your wines, this large single zone wine fridge has a UV-protected tempered glass door and smooth gliding racks to limit vibrations or physical disturbances. This unit contains one of the widest available temperature ranges in the industry and can be set low enough to serve white wine or high enough for long term storage of red wine, depending upon the needs of your specific collection.

Acclaimed by professionals for being quietest wine refrigerators and for maintaining a consistent temperature regardless of the outside ambient temperature, this wine refrigerator is top of its class. The sliding shelves are easy to open and multiple shelves can be pulled out simultaneously. Additionally, the shelves glide out smoothly with minimal vibrations to ensure your wine will be protected and preserved.

This versatile fridge can be built in or used freestanding, depending on your space and needs. Its luxurious design includes blue LED interior lighting that helps illuminate your bottles for display without damaging your valuable wine collection. The black metal cabinet is sleek, sophisticated, and a sturdy design that is made to last and look timeless.

Best Large Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator

Allavino 24" Wide FlexCount Series 172 Bottle Dual Zone Stainless Steel Right Hinge Wine Refrigerator

Serious wine collectors and industry professionals are a fan of this premium dual zone wine cooler for its large storage capacity and elegant design. With presentation and preservation in mind, this dual zone unit has a modern and luxurious stainless steel finished door and sturdy black cabinet designed to insulate, store, and protect your fine wine investment. The blue LED illuminates your collection in a beautiful ambient glow that shines through the tinted UV-protected glass door.

This wine cooler can hold up to 172 bottles and has shelves designed to hold a flexible range of bottle shapes and sizes. This large wine units offers a variety of wine bottle configurations to suit any collection. With vibration-resistant technology, these shelves limit movement of your bottles that will cause disruption of the preservation of your wines or damage your wine over time.

These sliding shelves easily and effortlessly glide out for easy access to your collection. This wine refrigerator can be built into any kitchen or bar for a seamless integration and upgrade to a space or used freestanding for more flexibility.

The dual zone temperature technology, allows your red and white wines to be store and preserved simultaneously in one unit, saving you space. The upper zone has a temperature range between 41°F and 61°F and the lower zone has a range between 45°F and 64°F, allowing you to customize for your storage needs. Additionally, fan-forced cooling technology helps circulate the air and reduces temperature fluctuations.

Touted among homeowners and wine industry professionals as one of the quietest units on the market, this wine cooler won't disturb peaceful and sophisticated environments. It is renowned as one of the most well-engineered wine refrigerators on the market because of its coveted features among wine enthusiasts.

Most Versatile Design

U-Line 36" Wide 3000 Series 62 Bottle Dual Zone Panel Overlay Wine Refrigerator

For the wine enthusiasts and industry professionals who are looking to integrate something special into your space, this built in wine refrigerator has a variety of styles and options to suit any space. This option we're highlighting includes a panel overlay to suit a modern rustic decor and design. It also has a glass door to display your wine collection. The French door design is sophisticated and allows you to access both zones individually.

This design is renowned as an elegant storage solution with theater LED lighting to showcase your collection and graphite accents in the interior to add a touch of modern elegance to the wine cooler. The shelves are sturdy, glide easily, and store up to 62 bottles.

Designed for easy temperature maintenance, this unit has various temperature modes depending on your wine storage needs. With distinct modes like Sparkling Wine Mode, White Wine Mode, and Red Wine Mode, you don't have to be a wine expert to preserve and serve your wine at the perfect temperature.

Best Outdoor Wine Refrigerator

Perlick 15" Wide Signature Series 45 Bottle Single Zone Stainless Steel Outdoor Right Hinge Wine Refrigerator

Popular among wine professionals, this luxurious outdoor wine cooler has a premium design and exceptional features. Ideal for outdoor applications, like wineries, bars, and restaurants this outdoor wine refrigerator can be seamlessly integrated into any outdoor patio, bar, or barbecue space.

This luxury wine refrigeration unit has an entirely stainless steel finish, which looks sleek and elegant but is also tarnish and rust-resistant. The framed UV-coated glass door beautifully displays up to 45 bottles, which can be fully extended using the gliding shelves. The temperature range can be adjusted between 40 and 65 degrees.

Their variable speed compressor reduces vibration and conserves energy. The two-inch thick walls provide superior insulation and reduced vibrations, all of which are very important for preserving wine.

Best Compact Wine Refrigerator

Danby 17.5" Wide 16 Bottle Single Zone Black Wine Refrigerator

This simple 16 bottle single zone wine cooler is ideal for those with a small collection and limited space. The simple steel shelving lets you show off your bottles and let them shine. With a high gloss black door and a led lighting for illumination, this functional and modern freestanding wine cooler is the perfect size to fit on a countertop for preservation and presentation.

Designed to be easily programmable, this wine fridge has a temperature range between 43 and 57 F degrees ensuring little temperature fluctuation while preserving your wines. The staggered shelves allows you to maxmize your wine storage and allows you to store a variety of bottles. Wine professionals love the reliable performance of this wine cooler, roomy interior, and compact design for small restaurants and bars.

Best Mid-Sized Wine Refrigerator

Allavino 24" Wide FlexCount Series 56 Bottle Single Zone Stainless Steel Right Hinge Wine Refrigerator

Featured in Food & Wine Magazine as one of the best wine fridges, this mid-sized wine cooler can hold up to 56 bottles of wine and can be used freestanding or can be built in. This versatile single zone wine cooler is ideal for those looking for a compact storage solution.

With a temperature range from 41-64°F, this wine cooler is recommended for cellaring wine because ideally, your temperature shouldn't exceed 66 degrees. The temperature is easy to set and the unit is designed to preserve and protect white and red wines in a temperature controlled environment.

Praised among customers for being incredibly quiet, this unit will not disturb the peaceful ambiance in a home or restaurant. Also, commended by customers are the adjustable shelves which allow you to personalize your wine storage and allow a variety of bottle sizes to be stored together in one unit.

The sleek and sophisticated stainless steel finished door and the black cabinet looks beautiful in any home or business. With blue LED interior lighting, this unit is a beautiful and functional storage solution.

The Most Unique Design

Vinotemp 24" Wide 54 Bottle Single Zone Mirrored Wine Refrigerator

Your fine wine collection will be truly housed in a refrigerator worthy of its superiority with this extremely opulent wine cooler. With a reflective mirrored frame around the glass door, you'll want to admire you wine collection all day long. This unit is illuminated with modern blue LED lighting, which opulently displays your fine wines and adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen or home bar.

This wine cooler can be built in or used freestanding. It's versatile design includes six pull out metal shelves that can support a variety of wines and can hold up to 54 bottles. The modern and clean interior design lets your collection really shine and is ideal for any homeowner looking to present and preserve their wine.

This wine refrigerator includes touch screen controls with a digital display readout that looks very modern and is easy to use. It has a very wide temperature range from 42 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit, which allows you to customize your wine storage solution.

With the extensive temperature range, wine professionals are touting this wine fridge as one of the top residential wine coolers. The wide temperature range is great for storing to serve and for cellaring wine, depending on your needs. The capacity of this wine cooler is ideal for medium sized collections and the design is truly unique.


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