What is Mulled Wine and How To Make It September 08, 2021

With colder weather approaching and the trees starting to shed their leaves, it's time to enjoy the warmest and coziest of wines, mulled wine, also known as, spiced wine. This seasonal beverage turns wine into comfort and takes barely any effort to make. It is a great way to share something delicious and festive with your friends and family. Kick off the autumn and winter seasons properly with the perfect glass of mulled wine.

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Beer Basics - What is Craft Beer? August 26, 2021

We hear the term "craft beer" thrown around quite often but what is that exactly? Which beers can be considered craft and are they better than other beers? After over two decades of providing beverage equipment and supplies for the food & beverage industry, we have answers to all your burning questions. Craft beer is one of our many passions and we think you'll share this passion with us after reading this article.

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The Benefits of a Beverage Center August 24, 2021

This underrated appliance really doesn't get enough love but it should be a part of everyones' home! A beverage center is versatile, efficient, and innovative. From a home bar to a dive bar, this versatile refrigerator allows you to store a wide variety of beverages without compromising space. A beverage center isn't your average mini fridge, it will upgrade your home or bar into an elevated entertainment space.

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Brew Systems - Easy, Breezy, Brewing August 16, 2021

Brewing your own beer is incredibly satisfying but, of course, it is time and energy-consuming. What if you cut out some of the mess, equipment, and effort from the brewing process? With a brewing system, you can achieve brewery-quality beer with less equipment and effort! This innovative technology has made homebrewing so much easier and is changing the way we enjoy beer at home. We wanted to run down some of the benefits and demystify this new homebrewing technology. You may just want to consider updating your homebrewing setup.

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The Ultimate Coffee Guide - Types of Coffee August 05, 2021

Regarded as one of the most popular beverages in the world, coffee is a daily staple in the routines of many. While many of us drink it, but we don't know much about it beyond that we need it to stay awake and productive. Knowledge is power and if you want good coffee, you'll need to get to know coffee. This guide will run you through the bean to the beverage and in the end, you might just change some of your opinions about your favorite beverage.

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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Summer Barbecue July 30, 2021

The sun is shining and the weather is warm. It's time to enjoy the sunshine with the perfect outdoor barbecue. It's not a barbecue without the beer flowing but let's be real, bottles and cans are not the solutions. If anything, they're extremely wasteful. So, if you really want to take your outdoor get-together to the next level, you'll need one of these beer dispensers or storage options.

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Champagne vs. Sparkling Wine - What is the Difference? July 21, 2021

Everyone loves a little bit of bubbly but do you know what you're drinking? Are they the same? Is one better than the other? Celebrations aren't the same without these bubbly beverages but with their similar yet different names, it often causes some confusion. In the end, we're talking about wine and all wines need to be properly stored in order to fully enjoy what they have to offer. This guide to sparkling wines will answer all your questions about this classic celebratory beverage.

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What Does A Wine Aerator Do? July 12, 2021

You may have heard of it or seen it around but it's a wine accessory often shrouded in mystery and often underrated among most wine drinkers. From wine glass shapes to decanters, to wine temperature and aeration, there are many lengths you can go to for enhancing the subtle nuances and flavors in a wine. Aerators and the need for them are often hotly debated among wine enthusiasts but many will argue aerators are essential to the wine tasting experience. Here is a complete guide to aerators.

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Home Bar Essentials April 23, 2021

Now, more than ever is time to start building a home bar! Turning your home into an exciting entertainment space only takes a few simple upgrades to your home. Before you know it, you'll be enjoying an ice-cold one without having to wait in any lines or dealing with the bar crowds. While everyone's home is different, here's what we think every great home bar should have, and before you start building out your home bar, here is an article on the aspects to consider before building a home bar.

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Do You Need an Undercounter Kegerator? April 15, 2021

Are you considering getting a kegerator or remodeling your home? An undercounter kegerator may be in your future! Adding a kegerator to your home can vastly improve your lifestyle and they can elevate the way you entertain at your home. There are a wide variety of kegerator styles to choose from to suit your home and your needs. We think the undercounter kegerator is an underrated home hero, so we wanted to share the reasons why you should consider getting an built-in kegerator for your home.

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A Guide to Wine Storage Options - Pros and Cons April 12, 2021

When it comes to storing wine, there are many options but not all of them are ideal for your collection. If you're serious about collecting and preserving your wine, you'll want to study up on all the options available and which one will work best for you. There are numerous options across various price points, which will play a huge role in your selection. We're going to give you a brief guide on the variety of options available and their pros and cons.

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Is a Kegerator the Right Choice for You? February 26, 2021

We get SO MANY questions about whether or not a kegerator is something worth investing in and while we love kegerators, we understand that a big investment requires a lot of thought. It's not for everyone but if you're reading this, you may be reconsidering this thought. We wanted to discuss the reasons why you may want one in your home and it's not only because you'll be the coolest person amongst your friends...although that is a bonus!

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What is Mead? The Forgotten Wine. February 15, 2021

The one of the oldest alcoholic beverages around, mead, rarely spoken about these days but why not? This underrated beverage is wonderful and we want to bring it back! Afterall, it's a huge part of our world history! Many cultures have brewed and enjoyed mead for many decades. With our modern brewing technology, mead is even tastier than ever and here's everything you need to know about mead for you to enjoy this historic beverage.

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10 Benefits of Drinking Wine January 29, 2021

For hundreds of years, wine has been an integral part of our society, from religious ceremonies to social affairs, wine is a widely and commonly consumed beverage. Over the years, science has proven that this fine beverage is more than just fermented grape juice, it can actually help us improve our health. A glass of wine a day, keeps the doctor away! If that's not the saying, it should be! Wine, when drunk in moderation, is actually good for you! No one needs a reason to drink wine but knowing that it's actually good for you is always a good reason to drink! So, here's ten good reasons to drink wine more often!

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5 Important Things You Didn't Know About Wine January 25, 2021

Listen up, beginner wine connoisseurs, you may already think you know everything about wines but wines are much more complicated than just smashed and fermented grapes. They are delicate elixirs that need a little more care but are worthwhile because you get to enjoy them so much more. These five important facts about wine will change the way you perceive, care for, and think of wine.

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