How to Start a Wine Collection January 18, 2021

So, you've decided to start a wine collection. Good idea! Starting a wine collection doesn't simply mean going out and getting wine. While you could start buying wine without a care, planning will allow you to have a rich, growing collection with wide variety. Getting started can be an overwhelming task, so we created a simple guide for developing a collection you'll be proud to show off.

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What is Fortified Wine? December 11, 2020

If you enjoy a glass of wine for every meal, you're going to love the idea of fortified wine! The ultimate night cap, fortified wine has been enjoyed for centuries by people as a dessert. This final course of a meal has a long and interesting history and we're here to demystify this underrated wine. After you learn more about these delicious wines, you'll want to stock your wine refrigerator with every variety available.

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Stainless Steel is Trending: 2020's Hottest Wine Refrigerators October 14, 2020

Sleek, modern, and opulent - Stainless Steel appliances are taking over kitchens and homes all over the world. Stainless steel is easy to maintain, easy to clean, and offers a modern look to a home. It matches virtually any decor style, which is why the popularity of stainless steel wine refrigerators is no surprise. We've gathered the best stainless steel wine refrigerators of the year!

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How To Choose A Wine Rack September 29, 2020

A growing wine collection means you'll need a place to store all of it but if your collection is constantly growing, what is an efficient way to store it all? Wine racks are a versatile and often affordable means to store a growing wine collection. There are so many different styles and configurations to suit your collection and your space. We wanted to offer you a simple guide for choosing your perfect wine rack.

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Wine Cooling Units - The Air Conditioning Units You Need for Wine August 27, 2020

The best-known secret among the wine industry's finest, are wine cooling units. Similar in appearance to a traditional air conditioning unit, these cooling units are actually engineered to maintain and preserve the quality of your wine. You may be already asking yourself, "Why would one need a device like this?" and "How is it better than a wine refrigerator?" and we promise we'll answer all of your burning questions.

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Recommended Temperatures for Storing Wine July 13, 2020

More goes into that perfect glass of wine than just choosing your favorite label and corresponding glass. To get the best flavor out of your bottles, it's necessary to store them correctly at their optimal temperatures. It is not just personal preference that comes into play, there is science that goes behind the internal body temperature and our pallets.

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The Anatomy of a Wine Glass - What You Need to Know Before You Buy July 07, 2020

Before you begin your journey into buying wine glasses, you will need to understand the design and construction of these uniquely shaped glasses. Their shape actually shapes your wine tasting experience significantly. As delicate as the wines we pour into them, sipping reds and whites through these drinking vessels can enhance the aromas, notes, and affect how the wine is aerated.

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How To Choose The Best Champagne For Your Budget February 12, 2020

The epitome of celebratory drinks, champagne reigns as the king but you don't have to pay a royal fee to find an enjoyable bottle of bubbly. There are quality champagnes and sparkling wines at every price range that will have you clinking your glasses in joy. We wanted to guide you through the factors to consider when choosing your bottle, so you can get the very best.

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Can You Store Wine In The Garage? February 11, 2020

While it is something that is very much possible, there are important factors to consider before doing so, to ensure your wine is protected and stored properly. Wines are delicate and they require optimal conditions to maintain their quality and continue to age gracefully. Take a moment to read and consider if this is the right storage solution for your wine collection.

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Top 5 Factors That Ruin A Wine As It Ages February 03, 2020

Whether you store wine for serving or you store wine for aging, one thing is guaranteed, wines are fickle beverages. They change quickly and easily from a deliciously complex wine to a sadly flat and oddly flavored drink at the slightest change in its storage environment. Wine collections are an expensive investment and they're notorious for being extremely high maintenance, which is why you can't simply store your wine in your pantry or refrigerator. To understand why your wine storage is so important, you will need to understand these 5 factors will be the bane of your wine maturation.

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How Allavino Is Using Tru-Vino Technology To Revolutionize the Wine Industry January 27, 2020

Allavino, the renowned luxury wine refrigerator manufacturer, is changing the wine industry by including a new compressor technology in their wine coolers. Allavino has always been known to strive to integrate the best and latest technology in their units from vibration-reduction technology for wine shelves to this latest innovation, Tru-Vino technology.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Wine Refrigerator December 18, 2019

There are many reasons to get a wine refrigerator, maybe you bought so much wine you need to hide some from your significant other or maybe you've decided it's time to start preserving your favorite wines. Whatever your big reason is for wanting a wine refrigerator, we have 5 reasons why you should get one.

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Top Rated Wine Coolers & Refrigerators By Sommeliers and Top Wine Professionals December 02, 2019

At Beverage Factory, we have some of the top wine industry professionals shopping with us and they always have a lot to say about preserving wine and since we're so passionate about delivering you the very best, we've created this compilation of the best wine coolers and fridges to make your shopping experience easier.

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5 Champagne Cocktails To Ring In The New Year December 27, 2019

Start stocking that wine refrigerator because you'll be going through some bottles of bubbly with these extra effervescent cocktails! Whether you plan on throwing a wild new year's party or you plan on curling up with your cat at midnight, these champagne cocktails will make your night sparkle. Packed with festive flavors and simple to make, you'll wish 2019 would never end.

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Why Does The Temperature In My Wine Refrigerator Fluctuate? April 01, 2020

Do you notice a change in the temperature of your wine refrigerator? Don't worry this is common with almost all refrigerators and we're here to explain why. We have been selling wine refrigerators for over two decades so, we could say with confidence that we know what we're talking about. This common temperature change should not be alarming but when it comes to preserving wines, you may want to deeply consider the cooling technology in your refrigerator because even small fluctuations can affect your wine preservation. This is why we're so excited about the Allavino Tru-Vino range! This range has a special compressor technology that ensures close to zero temperature fluctuations! This is a revolutionary technology for the wine industry and we go into depth on this technology here.

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